Upholstery Cleaning

The best ways to utilize Dial Facility “Home Cleaning Services”.

Taking care of your upholstered furniture - Upholstery is kind of like clothing - it can be made from many different fibers or combinations of fibers, and each one may need to be cleaned in a specific way. Our experts will identify your upholstery fabric and select from a variety of cleaning methods to treat your upholstery safely and effectively.

Good quality sofa, dining chairs, fabric wall panel, and other upholstered furnishings require professional cleaning service to maintain its beauty and comfort. Regular maintenance not only prolong your furniture’s lifespan, it also makes upholstery cleaning easier if there are any stains or unsightly dirt that need to be removed.

Our Testimonials

The Upholstery Cleaning Services offered by this company is simply superb. All the team who came to our house for cleaning has provided quality solutions at nominal prices. The staff is having customer friendly behavior with good working nature. I really trust the Dial Facility Services and I also have suggested these best quality services to all friends. Thanks to Dial Facility.